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Our dependence on payment with a single touch is increasing rapidly. We are applying mobile technologies as much as possible since they have demonstrated the potential of innovation in meeting social, economic, and political development. The COVID-19 pandemic, which has pressed pause on the entire global economy, has also done its share. The level of use of digital payment platforms has risen sharply over the past months. We should all hope that the positive trend will continue and cryptocurrency, an electronic analog of money in cash, will finally reach mass welcome. Statistically speaking, there…

Some people strongly believe that virtual currency is likely to supersede the modern financial system. Others think that crypto is powerful enough to maintain the value of your assets, just like gold. Every scenario has its own advantages and disadvantages, but all share a common bond — a crypto wallet.

The role of such an undeniably ingenious invention can be compared to a traditional bank. It stores and protects assets, by enabling customers to transfer or receive money. But here comes a but. The bank acts as an intermediary, some third party knowing every movement of yours. The good news…

The financial system has changed significantly in the last few years. New technologies have proven it’s possible to make our everyday life much more convenient, safe and profitable. Blockchain erased borders and unsheathed all the weak spots of the modern banking system. Today, we will consider the most significant disadvantages.

Banking is not comprehensive
1.7 billion adults worldwide remain unbanked which means they don’t participate in the financial sector, not able to manage assets, pay online and manage their own money.

People are not financially literate
The majority (59%) of the surveyed Americans cannot complete two simple interest rate and inflation…

With the beginning of the new year 2021, blockchain fans are interested in the tendencies that the industry will follow this year. Let’s have a look at what to expect from the blockchain in the coming 12 months.

It’s no doubt that the blockchain industry will keep expanding its influence over the traditional financial systems as it has already been doing for years. Blockchain technology has been integrated into many spheres of human activity, broadening horizons and taking them to the next level. It’s safe to suppose that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are in the position of revolutionizing traditional financial…

Imagine you’ve moved to another house and now need an electricity contract. With the PayPolitan app, you can find it easily.

First of all, you can compare proposals and find the best option for you. The service payment is monthly, and the final price is variable (it depends on consumption) with a minimum amount of 40.00 € to be paid each month for the duration of one year.

The electricity provider website uses the PayPolitan payment solution. You just go on the website, choose the offer and place it in the cart. At the check-out, the site displays the QR…

Usually, when people hear anything about blockchain, they associate it with Bitcoin first of all. In reality, blockchain can improve almost every sphere of our life. According to a Statista report, the sector with the highest distribution of blockchain market value is the banking one. Why? The answer is security, one of the most important factors when we are talking about money. Today we will tell you more about the transaction protocol that keeps blockchain payments safe — smart contracts.

A smart contract is an algorithm that uses “if-then” logic to form, accumulate and provide information about the possession of…

Few Words about IBAN

Have you ever tried to send or receive money internationally? No? Then you obviously haven’t heard about the IBAN code. It was originally used to speed up the processing of international payments in the European Union. Currently, it is used in non-EU countries as well. Its purpose is to facilitate inter-bank settlement transactions and the remittance process.

Structure and Length

The IBAN code can’t contain more than 34 symbols. For example, in France, it consists of 27 characters, in the UK of 22, in Malta of 31, etc. IBAN example in France: FR1420041010050500013M02606.

1–2 — the…

Blockchain is the heart and blood of the Paypolitan solution.

We are designing smart contracts that will work in two directions:

•push (customer pushes funds to merchant)
•pull (merchant connects to customer account via a smart contract and `pulls` funds into its account)

What are the main advantages of using blockchain for banking?

Flexibility. The mechanics of transactions is more flexible, which means you can pay in cryptocurrencies or connect directly to the bank account transferring FIAT currency.
All in one. The protocol’s innovative architecture will open the door to an entire universe of common payment mechanisms in our daily…

What is decentralized finance? Good question. At the dawn of the industry’s appearance, it was referred to as “open finance”. Now, this term has become fairly outdated, giving way to “DeFi” as a new name.

DeFi is a space that enables users to do anything with money within a digital ecosystem, and the only instrument needed to do that is a digital wallet.

DeFi opens up millions of opportunities. It opens finance and closes personalities. In a fiat-currency real world, any e-purchase goes along with at least basic personal information being disclosed such as ID, account details and so on…

We are so excited to inform you that Nils Tharandt Ortiz, CEO Paypolitan, is becoming the new TV expert on blockchain topics & innovation from December 2020 on 3 major TV networks.

We’ll explore, discuss, seek answers, and create a new era of innovations all together! Beyond that, this will give Paypolitan an amazing publicity.

Nils will be on:

«Exploring the block» on FOX Business
«New to the Street» on Bloomberg
«Innovators with Jane King» on Kron4

Stay tuned for more than 20 shows and interviews in 2020 and 2021 with a cumulated reach of 230 million households!

Follow our news in order not to miss any additional information. The first interviews are scheduled for Monday December 28th, 2020.


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Paypolitan is a revolutionary mobile payments solution for fiat and cryptocurrencies with yield farming

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