Recurring payments with variable amounts and PayPolitan

2 min readMar 29, 2021


Imagine you’ve moved to another house and now need an electricity contract. With the PayPolitan app, you can find it easily.

First of all, you can compare proposals and find the best option for you. The service payment is monthly, and the final price is variable (it depends on consumption) with a minimum amount of 40.00 € to be paid each month for the duration of one year.

The electricity provider website uses the PayPolitan payment solution. You just go on the website, choose the offer and place it in the cart. At the check-out, the site displays the QR code of the smart contract generated. Then, you scan it with the PayPolitan application and review the terms: duration of one year, monthly payments. It’s important to mention that there will be a possibility to set up a monthly limit! For example, no more than 100€.
All that’s left is to choose the funds source and approve the contract.
Every month, the payment system of the electricity provider requests the payment and your application checks if the terms of the contract are met (in the contract period, minimum & maximum amount, currency) and the payment is made.

That is how PayPolitan will help everyone deal with everyday tasks and make life much easier and convenient.


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